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Wool, a fabulous fibre!! This is the reason that we focus on breeding Merino sheep. The breed with its famous 'itch' free wool. We founded our company in 2005 and we are located in the 'Blij Bezuiden' polder near a town called Axel (Region: Dutch Flanders in the south west of the Netherlands).

We worked in retail for a lot of years. During these years the outdoor living and working with small and large farm animals where very important. It evolved in a, for us, perfect mix of living and working.

Our range includes: from our own flock, livestock merino, wool, meat, lamb and sheep skins.
For the related items we have a few of regular suppliers. Ashford Handicrafts supplies us with woolsliver,knitting wool, spinning wheels, weaving looms and accessories. We also sell the knitting wool of Lang yarns. The organic woolen undergarments, of the Ruskovilla brand is a perfect addition, but you can also contact us for duvets and related articles of Texelwool. All products are available in our shop, at the farm, as well as in our webshop. For the company Ashford we also fulfill the wholesale function for the Netherlands and Belgium, interest in the resale of this beautiful brand, contact us for terms and conditions.



That wool and other natural fibres are important to many people is clear if we see the success of the monthly craft evening. Of course we offer various knitting, spinning and felt workshops. We work, as much as possible, in small classes. We also regularly organize workshops and theme weekends for which we ask professional guest teachers. Look for the full range of workshops and events on the page 'activities'. All these activities take place here at the farm.


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