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Woolfarm Blij Bezuiden

An inspiring place amid sheep

Wool, a fabulous fibre! This is the reason that we focus on breeding Merino sheep. The breed with its famous 'itch' free wool. We founded our company in 2004 and are located in the 'Blij Bezuiden' polder near a town called Axel (Region: Dutch Flanders in the south west of the Netherlands).

We are an ethical Merino stud, with respect for the environment and animal welfare. To be able to welcome visitors, and secure their and our health, all our sheep are annually vaccinated for q fever.

Our super fine merino wool is spun into beautiful yarns in Italy. We follow every step of the process. These yarns are for sale in our (web) shop, but are also proccessed locally into woven and knitted garments !! These slow fashion garments are for sale and known under the name: Dutch Merino.

Our range from our own flock includes: livestock super fine merino (also export within EU), wool for knitting and weaving, meat, lamb and sheep skins.

For the related items we have a few regular suppliers. Ashford Handicrafts supplies us with wool sliver, knitting wool, spinning wheels, weaving looms and accessories. We also sell Venne Colcotton weaving yarns. The Ruskovilla organic woolen undergarments is a perfect addition in our range of products, but you can also contact us for duvets and related articles of Texelwool.

All these brands have in common that these are produced by companies with an affinity for the outdoor living, making them a perfect fit for our product line.

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Shop, farm and dealership

We sell all these products in our shop online and at the farm.

With the authorized dealership we can offer complete service and warranty. For Ashford Wheels&Looms we are a wholesale distributor for the Netherlands and Belgium. Interested in the retail of this beautiful brand, contact us for terms and conditions.

Levertijden Ashford

Door de wereldwijde corona crises en gesloten landgrenzen is het erg moeilijk gebleken om onze Ashford wheels & looms voorraden aan te vullen. Deze prachtige artikelen komen uit Nieuw Zeeland en doordat er weinig vliegverkeer is zijn we aangewezen op zeevracht. Deze manier van vervoer is zeer milieuvriendelijk maar deze is wel 8 tot 10 weken onderweg.

Heeft u een vraag over een item en de verwachte levertijd neem dan vooral contact met ons op via e-mail. We doen ons uiterste best om de voorraad aan te vullen maar hebben daarvoor dus vooral tijd nodig. Wij vragen hiervoor uw begrip.

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