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Merinowool and processing

Harvesting merinowool

One of the best moments in our husbandry is shearing our merinosheep. Its the moment where we work towards for months and when its finally there, next to the hard work, it is the moment we are very proud of what achieved.

We divert to Italy for processing. Merinowool is a difficult fiber and in the land of the great designers the knowledge that this woolfiber needs is present. Here they are able to convert our merinowool into a high-quality yarn

Before processing, we need a minimum of 300 kilos greasy fleece. The merino fiber is very thin and the lambfleece in that we hold here in our arms looks a lot but weighs only 1.5 kilos.

In order to be able to process annually, we cooperate with other merino breeders in the Netherlands and Flanders.

Get to know the softness of our DutchMerino garments. Mind the stylish simplicity and superior quality. But the most important thing of this all: this unique merinosheep has conquered its place in the Netherlands!

Curious to the designs:

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DutchMerino Heerlijk zachte merinowol

Fellow merinosheep breeders who believe in DutchMerino

Samen staan we voor ‘duurzaam, diervriendelijk en kriebelvrij!!

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